We offer a multitude of treatments to balance your hormones:

Abundant Wellness and Beauty is a flexible clinic located in Fort Lauderdale that has the ability to come to your home if you prefer or you can come into our facility.

We realize that given the current way of the world people may prefer to have the option to access first class wellness options in the safety and comfort of their homes.  

Abundant Wellness and Beauty’s purpose is to make treatments available that contribute to balance and self-care.

In these times, it is essential to keep our minds, bodies and our outer appearance in tip-top shape. One thing is certain and that is, we only have power over our own bodies and our optimal health is our greatest wealth.

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Feel free to reach out to our Nurse Practitioner, Melanie at (954) 701-9104 via phone call or text message if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.